Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission fluid main task is to lubricate car transmission’s internal parts. In an automatic transmission, it provides necessary force to change into different gears based on driving speed.

In manual transmission cars, this fluid is inside a case.

auto mechanic changing Transmission Fluid We recommend that a car needs to get a transmission fluid service every 40,000 miles. Specially if you find any fluid below the car, better get it inspected soon.

Changing car’s transmission’s fluid at regular interval can help extend the service life of car’s transmission.

When a vehicle starts making jerking movements or you find it slips gears, it could be you are due for an automatic transmission fluid change. A manual transmission may start making obvious noises if the fluid is low.

It is very important that you get your transmission serviced or the transmission could end up failing sooner rather than later. If the transmission fails, it then needs to be replaced.

Replacing a transmission can cost several thousand dollars depending on the vehicle. It is far better to pay to have the transmission fluid service done as it only costs much less.

There are many instances where vehicle owners find out their transmission needs a replacement when a simple servicing months earlier would have spared them this expense.

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