Oil Change and Filter Service

Regularly changing oil is considered one of the most important maintenance service for a car. If not done, it can severe damage engine.

Oil change service is very simple and doesn’t cost much, so it should be done at regular scheduled.

car engine oil change

Engine oil resides in the oil pan and it lubricate all internal moving parts.

Oil filter is responsible for keeping the oil clean and free from any debris. If filter not replace regularly, it can’t pass oil to the engine. So always replace oil filter while you change your oil.

It’s recommended to replace oil and filter every 5000 miles or 4 months.

Synthetic oil performs better in terms of lubrication and requires less frequent change compare to regular oil.

If you notice any oil in driveway under your car, you should not delay getting your car checked with mechanic.

If you get maintenance light on, don’t delay else low engine oil can severely your damage car’s engine.

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